Five mistakes to avoid while re-writing your CV.

The job market is ever-changing, which is why it is important to write a résumé that is up-to-date with current times, and which also showcases your skills, work experience, and career break, in the best light. Your résumé is a powerful tool that can help you make a great first impression if positioned correctly.

Re-writing your résumé after a long break can seem daunting. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here is a list of common mistakes that job-returnees make, which you can avoid, and recommendations to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Mistake 1: Not updating your personal bio — There is a misconception that drawing attention to your career break is detrimental, but on the other hand, you can treat this formal introduction as a way to elaborate on your previous work experience, talk about any skills you’ve acquired over the break, and mention any courses you might have taken that are relevant to the job you’re seeking. Make a strong case for yourself, and illustrate why you want to restart your career with that particular company. P.S: Avoid using up too much space on your resume to write about hobbies.

Mistake 2: Using too many buzzwords — Keywords do play a significant role in setting your resume apart in a sea of applications, for e.g. if you are applying for a position in HR, it is a good practice to use words like Management, Human Resources, Manager etc. throughout the application. But, overusing them can make your application seem devoid of substance. This is why you should research relevant keywords in advance and use them judiciously. If you want to apply for jobs with diverse profiles — like a marketing manager or a sales executive, creating multiple résumés for each position can help you put your best foot forward. Craft your perfect résumé with indePenn’s Smarten Your CV workshop

Mistake 3: Not getting an expert opinion on your profile — Being away from work can largely affect your self-confidence, and this might make you undersell yourself on your résumé. Imagine losing out on your dream job simply because you weren’t able to shine a spotlight on yourself — sounds awful, we know. This is why consulting an industry expert who can guide you to write your résumé in an impactful manner is a good idea. indePenn’s Get Coached service can help you do just that, with one-on-one sessions that track your progress and ease you into the process of applying for a job.

Mistake 4: Not highlighting your previous achievements — Companies want results. And hence, your achievements should be front and centre for recruiters to see. The best way to demonstrate your capabilities through your résumé is by mentioning the projects you have worked on previously. Talk about the project’s vision, the challenges faced, and your role in bringing it to fruition. The ideal length of your resume should be about one page. Keep it concise.

Mistake 5: Not upskilling yourself before sending out applications — Even though this doesn’t count as a mistake — not upgrading yourself with industry knowledge and skills can certainly affect your chances of getting hired. Consider completing certified courses of a programme/software that is integral to your position. Learning from a mentor can help you prepare for the job, as well as show your readiness for it, like indePenn’s Polish Your Skills workshop.

Avoid making these simple mistakes when you rewrite your résumé and make your first impression the best one. Sign-up with us before 27th May for a FREE workshop and start your professional journey with indePenn.

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